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Estate Planning information empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to create a plan that works for their family.  If you are looking for estate planning information due to health issue, probate avoidance, blended families, or family members with disabilities; look no further.  Our blog covers all types of estate planning information needed to determine what will work best for you and your family.

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Second Marriages and Your Estate Plan

Summary: There are many things in life that can highlight the need for a well though out estate plan that states your goals and desires with clarity. One such event is your decision to marry again. If you’ve decided to re-marry, you need a detailed plan to ensure that...

Avoiding Probate | It Isn’t All Black or White

Summary: Very few things in life, or the law, are completely black and white. Most things are shades of gray. The correct answer to great many legal questions is, “It depends.” This also holds true when it comes to avoiding probate. Not everyone needs to plan to avoid...

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