LGBTQ? You could face unique estate planning challenges

Estate planning for LGBTQ individuals may seem daunting because you may need to consider several additional issues that a straight person does not.

However, creating a customized and comprehensive estate plan can be empowering and provide you with the security that your wishes will be followed and your family taken care of.

A revocable living trust can help to avoid the costs, delays and publicity of probate by privatizing your estate and giving you or the person you choose control in the event of your death or incapacity.

Our free LGBTQ Estate Planning booklet provides detailed answers for many of the unique questions that should be considered.

Learn more about the following estate planning details:

  • What is your relationship status? Are you legally married to the person you consider your spouse?
  • Have you ever used assisted reproductive technology or do you have any cryopreserved genetic material, such as eggs, sperm or pre-embryos?
  • Who do you define as your “children” or “family,” and are any of these people not legally related to you?
  • What names and pronouns do you use and do these appear differently on your legal identification?
  • Where do you want to receive medical treatment if you are unable to express your wishes?
  • Do you know how to use the equality index to select treatment at facilities where your identity will be respected?

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