Access to a Qualified Estate Planning Attorney

Attorney sitting at his laptop preparing estate documents

Why use a qualified estate planning attorney? In the eyes of the Bar Association, any licensed attorney is qualified to draft estate planning documents on your behalf, but ask yourself, would you want your family doctor to perform heart surgery on you if you needed it? As with any industry, focusing in one area of your profession can bring an additional skill level and knowledge that can only be achieved through real life experiences.

At the Legacy Assurance Plan we have spent many years creating a Network of attorneys that focus their practice in the area of estate planning, if not exclusively, almost exclusively. These attorneys have been vetted not only for their experience and level of skill, but also for their care and professionalism in working with clients. As a member of the Legacy Assurance Plan, you can rest assured that your Estate Planning Attorney will be both knowledgeable and experienced in their profession, and that they will care about you and your family.

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