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Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin speaks out after suing own children

Texas Woman Targeted by Probate Court

Guardianship Complication

Guardianship Gouging

There are many situations in life that can be easily avoided with proper planning. Take for example the above guardianship videos that deal with guardianship and its associated problems. With the proper planning and documentation, you can decide who will take care of you and your finances if you no longer can do these things for yourself. Without the proper planning in place, you leave yourself at the mercy of the court’s decision. Making these decisions for yourself helps to relieve the some of the burdens from your family. In letting them know what you want to happen and who you want to care for you and your assets, you have taken away the guessing that they may have to do if you were to become incapacitated without this documentation. Here at Legacy Assurance Plan we feel it is important to help you understand just what type of documentation you and your family need to keep things out of the courtroom as much as possible.

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