Optional Benefits

Legacy Assurance Plan offers two optional benefits, one focused on business formation and the other on estate plan maintenance.  

Business entity formation is not included as part of the lifetime benefits being offered with the Legacy Assurance Plan. These services can, however, be added for an additional fee.  See plan pricing for details.

Assured Care is another optional benefit intended to keep your plan current and limit future out-of-pocket expenses associated with plan updates.  The Assured Care benefit is included during the first 12 months of Membership and may be renewed annually thereafter.

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Business Planning and Formation

Many Legacy Assurance Plan Members operate businesses, but many have never formed a business entity, such as a corporation, to protect their personal assets from certain risks that can be associated with owning or operating a business. While certain business assignment and transfer documents are included in the Legacy Assurance Plan, such business “formation” services are not. However, should they be necessary to meet your goals or objectives, these documents and services are available to Members under our Business Entity Formation Program, available exclusively to Legacy Assurance Plan Members.

Assured Care

During the first 12 months following the delivery of your estate plan, Legacy Assurance Plan will help to facilitate changes or modifications to the plan with no out-of-pocket expense to the Member(s).  After that time, Members may incur a charge for these changes or modifications. However, through subsequent enrollment in Assured Care, our extended benefits program, the cost of these changes or modifications will be substantially limited.

Eligibility for enrollment in our Assured Care program begins on your first anniversary, post-delivery, of your estate plan.  For an annual subscription fee of $60.00, Members will continue to receive the following:

  • Zero out-of-pocket expense for up to three replacement documents per year* 
  • A price guarantee of $25.00 per document for the 4th and subsequent document(s) per year, if necessary*
  • Free document replacement for lost, stolen or destroyed documents due to flood, tornado and other acts of nature*
  • Certain affidavits needed by your survivors or successors at estate settlement, if applicable
  • Document delivery
  • Facilitation of notary and witness(es), if applicable, for document execution

*All legal documents recommended and prepared by your attorney, after consultation

While enrollment in the Assured Care program is optional, the cost of any change or modification needed to your plan in later years can far outweigh the nominal annual subscription fee.  By enrolling, you ensure that cost is limited.

Benefits and Services


  • Consultation With a Qualified Estate Planning Attorney
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Delivery, Funding and Beneficiary Review
  • Ongoing Lifetime Services
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  • Member Services Coordinator
  • Attorney Assignment
  • Drafting Your Plan
  • Plan Delivery
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