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When you become a member of Legacy Assurance Plan, you have access to any and all estate planning documents necessary to create your personalized estate plan.

After consulting with you, your attorney will make certain recommendations regarding what estate planning documents are necessary to achieve your estate planning goals and objectives. The attorney’s recommendations will be based on his or her experience on what is needed to create a suitable estate plan for you and your family’s needs. With limited exceptions for certain business interests and real estate, the cost for your attorney to select and draft each of the appropriate estate planning documents on your behalf is included in your plan membership, regardless of the type or number of documents which may be necessary.

This approach gives you the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that your attorney is making a recommendation based on your needs, not cost, and that you will receive whatever legal documents are necessary to ensure your estate planning goals are met.

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Becoming a member of Legacy Assurance Plan not only insures the member a Personalized estate plan, but also work with an experienced estate planning attorney. You can take peace of mind in knowing that your plan is catered to your needs when it is created, as well as going forward with Legacy’s lifetime benefits program.

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