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In this booklet, Planning with a Revocable Living Trust, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • I have a will… Won't this fulfill my estate planning needs?
  • What can a living trust do for me?
  • How does a living trust work?
  • I don’t have a multi-million-dollar estate; Do I still need a trust?
  • Is there a lot of expense in setting up a living trust?
  • Will a trust shield my assets from nursing home expenses?

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More Information About Revocable Living Trusts

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Probate Sounds Important, Why Would I Want to Avoid It?

Not everyone does. Some people have simple estates that may go through probate smoothly. Others just don’t care. Often, though, probate has numerous potential disadvantages that a lot of people prefer to avoid. These disadvantages include cost, delay, publicity, control and hassle.

House pictured saving estate tax money

How Can a Living Trust Save on Estate Taxes?

The living trust may include provisions which serve to reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes for married couples. This is done by ensuring that both available marital tax credits are utilized. This means that, married couples may pass up to $10.9 million (2016) free of the federal estate tax.

Jar of pennies depicting the possible low cost of estate planning

Is There a Lot of Expense in Setting up a Living Trust?

Generally, a living trust is more expensive than a will. However, because a living trust avoids probate, there are few costs associated with settling the trust. This allows for the costs to be known up front. While a will may be less expensive initially, the estate will incur probate costs, such as attorney fees and other expenses, which should also be considered.

Unlike Probate, A Living Trust will Completely Privatize your Estate

No Attorney Fees

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No Court Costs

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No Delay in Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries.

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No Public Record

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About Legacy Assurance Plan

The Legacy Assurance Plan is a multifaceted services program designed to provide its members with all the resources they require to meet their estate and financial planning needs, with access to an experienced estate planning lawyer. With the plan, members have the confidence of knowing that they have one place, and one team of trusted professionals – who are well-acquainted with them, their needs and their goals – at the ready to help as they create and execute their various legal, financial and tax strategies.

Our promise is to provide our members and their families with the most efficient; cost-effective means possible for both asset preservation and distribution. A well-designed, properly-executed estate plan will minimize all-too-avoidable expenses, taxes and delays, and that means more for the people who matter most to you. The plan does this by bringing your legal, financial and other professionals together, working as one cohesive unit to make sure, not only that you have estate and financial plans that work well, but that you have estate and financial plans that work well together.