Guardianship Involves Managing Your Health Care After Incapacity

Living probate occurs when someone becomes unable to manage his or her own affairs due to incapacity and they failed to plan for this situation. Guardianship is the part of living probate that deals with the managing your health care.

What is Guardianship?

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Guardianship is a public court process to appoint a surrogate decision maker (a guardian) for an incapacitated person to make health care decisions. A court-appointed guardian does not have to be a family member or a person and can be a “professional guardian.” Non-family members will charge for their guardianship services. A guardian is responsible for health care related decisions, such as selecting doctors, approving medical procedures and determining whether you need to reside in assisted living or a nursing home. Guardians are required to act in your best interest, but do not have to get your permission or consider your preferences in making their decisions.

How can becoming a member of Legacy help?

First and foremost, you need to act now! Before it becomes too late to do anything to prevent the necessity of guardianship. By enrolling in Legacy Assurance Plan, you will have access to the appropriate legal documents to eliminate the need for guardianship.

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