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Legacy Assurance Plan is an exclusive, member-based estate planning services company that approaches estate planning differently. Instead of focusing simply on legal documents, we take a holistic approach by integrating the legal, financial, tax and risk-related aspects of estate planning – such as the financial impact of a nursing home stay – into a single plan focused on your lifetime needs and goals for your family.

Our process is so comprehensive that it even provides someone for your children to turn to with questions after you're gone. The result is that you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family are prepared and have someone to turn to in the case of a life event.


Our members share a concern that the traditional estate planning process may inadequately protect their families and fails to consider the value of ongoing assistance from a team of like-minded professionals. Membership in Legacy Assurance Plan provides comprehensive, life-focused estate planning services to ensure that your plan continues to meet your objectives and ever-evolving circumstances.

Among Legacy Assurance Plan's lifetime of services are periodic plan reviews; access to a qualified and vetted estate planning attorney; coordination of legal, financial, tax and business needs; and estate settlement guidance.

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