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The Legacy Plan was designed to provide its Members with the estate planning documents and associated services needed to handle the common circumstances experienced during a range of life events. The documents available to Legacy Plan Members include wills, revocable trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives and deeds.

These are the documents that almost everyone needs to give them control over their affairs. These documents can authorize an agent to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated, avoid the need for guardianship, avoid the need for probate and direct the distribution your assets at your passing.

Legacy Plan membership provides access to three important resources:

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A qualified estate planning attorney

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Essential estate planning documents

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A lifetime of services and benefits

Services and benefits include:

  • Gathering and organizing the Member's information.
  • Consultation with a qualified estate planning attorney regarding your estate planning needs.
  • Selection and drafting of estate planning documents, as determined appropriate by you and your attorney.
  • Preparation of up to three real property deeds for estate planning purposes.
  • Estate plan document delivery and notarization.
  • Assistance with estate plan funding.
  • Beneficiary review and designation assistance.
  • Periodic reviews with a financial services professional.
  • Consultation with your surviving spouse and successors after you pass away to provide guidance with the financial aspects of estate settlement.

Adopt-A-Trust Program

The Adopt-A-Trust Program provides estate planning documents and related services for people who already have a trust-based estate plan. Many existing estate plans have not been reviewed or updated to reflect changes in law and family circumstances since they were drafted. And many trust-based plans are not fully funded, preventing them from functioning as planned. The Adopt-A-Trust Program can update your estate planning documents to meet your current needs, assist with getting your trust fully funded and provide additional services to keep your plan functioning properly.

Services and benefits include:

  • A review of your current estate plan by an independent attorney.
  • A trust restatement or replacement trust prepared by an independent attorney.
  • Updated powers of attorney and other ancillary documents.
  • A review of the current funding status of your trust.
  • Guidance on the appropriate way to complete the funding of your trust.
  • Information on the financial aspects of the settlement of your affairs.
  • Information and assistance to keep your estate plan up to date.
Professional document signing and review

Assured Care Program

Your estate plan can fail to meet your goals if it is not maintained. Estate plan maintenance, however, is often skipped because it can be expensive. The Assured Care Program is designed to protect you from future expenses associated with keeping your estate plan current.

This program includes:

  • Access to a Legacy Plan Network Attorney to prepare up to three replacement legal documents per year, including wills, trust amendments, powers of attorney and advance directives.
  • A price guarantee for the fourth and any subsequent replacement legal documents prepared per calendar year.
  • Free document replacement for lost or destroyed documents due to flood, tornado and other acts of nature.
  • Document delivery.
  • Facilitation of notary and witnesses, if applicable, for document execution.
  • Resident state deeds are also available.
Documents stamp of approval

Special Use Document Program

The Legacy Plan was created to facilitate the development of an estate plan and provide access to the legal documents most people need. The Special Use Document Program was created to facilitate adding one or more additional documents to your estate plan to address your family's unique circumstances. These “special use” documents are each intended to address a single type of issue, which is not a concern of every family. By using this program, your plan will better meet your family's specific needs. The services provided by the Special Use Document Program are exclusively available to Members of the Legacy Plan.

The available documents include:

  • Stand-alone Irrevocable Trust
  • Stand-alone Retirement (IRA) Trust
  • Supplemental Benefits Trust
  • Stand-alone Living Trust
  • Simple Will and Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finance For Family Members Living With You
  • Non-Resident State Powers of Attorney and Advance Directive
  • Mortgage with Deed of Trust (seller financing)/Land Contract
  • Pet Trust
  • Marital Property Agreement
  • Gun Trust
  • LLC Trust Funding
  • Corporation Trust Funding
  • Deed Preparation
Protect your assets and family with an Estate Plan

The Legacy Business Plan®

Staring your own business is a common dream. It requires professional guidance to structure your business using the proper entity to protect your personal assets from business debts. The Legacy Business Plan® was created to provide that guidance whether you are starting a new business, adding a liability shield to an existing busies, rehabilitating a business entity, completing the formation of a business entity or converting an existing single-member LLC into a multi-member LLC for asset protection purposes.

Services and benefits include:

  • Collecting of information needed to form, rehabilitate, complete or convert an LLC or corporation.
  • Consulting with a qualified business attorney regarding the formation, rehabilitation, completion or conversion of an LLC or corporation.
  • Confirming of name availability for new entities.
  • Submitting a name reservation with state agency, if required or recommended.
  • Registering or reinstating an LLC or corporation with state agency.
  • Requesting assignment of EIN by IRS, if required.
  • Preparing of operating agreement or bylaws.
  • Integrating LLC or corporation into estate plan to avoid probate.
  • Preparing initial meeting minutes and sample annual meeting minutes.
  • Preparing up to three residential state entity funding deeds.
  • Providing information regarding the proper operation of LLC or corporation.
  • Providing a minute book to organize business formation and operational documents, including member or shareholder certificates.
  • Providing document delivery and notarization.