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Periodic Reviews

Estate Planning is not a one-time event, it’s a commitment, not only in the sense of bequeathing your estate to family or loved ones, but also in the sense of ensuring that your plan stays current. Life is dynamic, always evolving and changing as time moves forward.

At the Legacy Assurance Plan, we fully understand the need to keep your plan current and assist you with the process. We not only conduct periodic financial reviews, but we do so proactively, meaning we contact you, when the time comes. Every twelve to eighteen months, we will contact you to schedule your review. During this review, we discuss any changes in your health, financial or family status and help to facilitate any necessary changes to your estate plan. This ensures that your plan and your wishes remain current with certain life events and that ultimately; your plan meets your goals and objectives as intended.

Death of a Spouse

Second only to the death of a child, the loss a spouse can have an emotionally devastating impact on the surviving spouse. At such a difficult time in one’s life, it’s comforting to know that you have someone to turn to who knows your intentions and can help facilitate the process of certain legal and/or financial matters you may need.

As part of our comprehensive service plan and lifetime benefits, the initial consultation with a financial professional is available to your surviving spouse without additional cost. This gives your spouse a clear plan of action with someone to turn to for assistance in the case of a loss.

At the death of a spouse, both estate and financial plans should be reviewed. Often, each of these plans requires modification or change, and frequently, at the very least, the production of certain affidavits will be necessary for use by the surviving spouse. Following one of the most emotional experiences life has to offer, there is comfort in knowing that your surviving spouse has someone to turn to whom they can trust and rely on for guidance.

Settlement Guidance

For most children, the loss of a parent can be a difficult time in their life, but that is especially true when it comes to the loss of the second or surviving parent. This time in one’s life can often precipitate feelings of loneliness, regret and a host of other emotions. The children will also feel burdened by the need to resolve their parent’s affairs properly.

In part, the creation and implementation of a well-maintained estate plan with lifetime benefits can ease that burden by our acknowledging our acceptance of things to come and by providing clear evidence of our intentions to those we leave behind. In the end, the process of estate planning is most often about those we love and care for, and not about us.

As a member of the Legacy Assurance Plan, you can take satisfaction in knowing that your successors will receive the necessary guidance to help them navigate through the sometimes-complex process of estate settlement. Not only is an initial consultation with a financial professional available to them, but also the facilitation of certain legal documents or affidavits, which may be needed. Most importantly, they will receive information on how to begin the process and support from a knowledgeable professional throughout the process.

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